Welcome to all new students and families, and welcome back to all of our treasured returning students and families! School starts Monday morning, August 29th at the unified hour (both elementary and middle level students) of 8:30am. We finish the day now at 3:05pm.

It has been an active and busy, busy summer. Even though there were no major building renovation projects this summer, somehow there was never a moment to spare! The school shines like new, teachers are back setting up their classrooms, our new Principal, Andy Haas, and Assistant Principal, Brigid Connelly have been getting themselves up to speed for the return of everyone to school.

I will leave the “building” news and introductions to our new administration, but just let you know that the transition to new bus routes has been something of a challenge to our desire to meet the needs of our student population before school even opens, but we will continue to work with the bus company to settle into the new routes as school gets underway. It may take some time, therefore we ask your patience.

Again, welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

Dr. Betsey Cox, Superintendent

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