Employee Handbook -- Ellis School Staff Handbook

SAU 83, the Fremont School District, is a single school, school district. There are two entities that employ personnel, the school and the SAU itself which is housed separately from the school. Our school is the Ellis School which is a preK-8 elementary school of approximately 400+ students. We employ the following categories:

At the SAU: Superintendent, Director of Finance, and a Finance Assistant/Executive Assistant, Director of Facilities, Director of Special Services, and Director of Technology.

At the Ellis School: Principal, Assistant Principal, Certified Teachers, Counselors, Nurses, Media- Specialist, Special Education Case Managers, Special Education Related Services, Para-educators, Custodians, and Secretaries.

We advertise employment openings on EdjobsNH.com and here on our website. Job Descriptions are located in the Human Resources section of the website under Job Descriptions.

Please send application packets to:
SAU 83 / Human Resources
432 Main Street
Fremont, New Hampshire 03044

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