The Town of Fremont is located in southern Rockingham County in southeastern New Hampshire. The town is 17 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean; 10 miles north of the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border; 24 miles southeast of the state capitol, Concord, New Hampshire; and 16 miles east of Manchester, New Hampshire.

Fremont was settled around 1730 and was incorporated as the town of Poplin in 1764. On July 8, 1854 the town name was changed to Fremont in honor of John Charles Fremont, a prominent American West Pathfinder and Republican presidential candidate in 1856. Historically, Fremont was a rural mill town populated for generations by the founding families. The present day population includes an increasing number of new families from many walks of life and different areas of the country.

The Fremont School District consists of a single school, the Ellis School, managed under School Administrative Unit 83 (SAU 83). The Pre-K-8 school has approximately 420 students in 10 grades (2015). Ellis School students move on to attend Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston, NH.

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